Why We Don’t Recommend Zoom

Many people are surprised when we warn against using Zoom and suggest using either Google Meet or Discord. Our reasoning is that Zoom is an unsafe for you and your fellow callers.

There are several reasons why Zoom has been criticized for being an unsafe or untrustworthy program for video calls. Some of the most significant concerns include:

1. Security vulnerabilities: In 2019, Zoom was found to have a vulnerability that could allow hackers to hijack users’ webcams and microphones. This raised concerns about the security of the platform and whether users’ private information was at risk.

2. Privacy issues: In 2020, it was revealed that Zoom had been sharing users’ personal data with third-party advertisers, including Facebook. This led to concerns about the company’s commitment to user privacy and data protection.

3. “Zoombombing”: This is a term used to describe the practice of uninvited guests crashing Zoom meetings and disrupting them with inappropriate or offensive content. Zoombombing became a significant problem during the COVID-19 pandemic when more people began using Zoom for virtual meetings.

4. End-to-end encryption: In 2020, Zoom claimed to have end-to-end encryption, which would mean that only the participants in a meeting would be able to access the conversation. However, it was later discovered that this claim was false, and Zoom only had transport encryption, which could allow the company to access users’ conversations.

5. Lack of transparency: Some critics have argued that Zoom has been slow to address security and privacy concerns and has not been transparent about its data collection and sharing practices.

These issues have led many to question the safety and trustworthiness of Zoom as a program for video calls. While the company has taken steps to address some of these concerns, some users may still be wary of using the platform.

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